Why is it free?

Paying for sound effects is a hassle and probably a dealbreaker for a lot of people but free is simple. Maybe down the road, I will put adds on this website and/or sell sound effect packs but for now, everything is free. And you don’t even need to give me credit!

Who runs this website?

My name is Joe. That’s me in the photo. I created this website in January of 2020 and every sound effect you hear was recorded by me. For a few years, I had been trying to think of a long term project idea that would combine my interest in web development and audio engineering. This is it.

How can I contact Joe?

Send an email to joe@soundfolder.com. If you’re looking for a specific sound effect that I don’t already have, let me know and I’ll add it to my to-do list. As soon as it’s available for download on SoundFolder, I’ll reply to your email. I have no personal social media accounts and for now, there are now SoundFolder social media accounts either.

Where can I find the sound I’m looking for?

If SoundFolder doesn’t have the sound you want, there are a few other places you should check out. Here they are if you haven’t already discovered them: freesound.org, soundbible.com, and zapsplat.com.